Lean NFV 

Lean NFV unveiled at
ONS 2019 in San Jose

Sylvia Ratnasamy (UC Berkeley and Nefeli Networks), Scott Shenker (UC Berkeley and Nefeli Networks) and Constantine Polychronopoulous (VMware) unveiled Lean NFV at the Linux Foundation’s Open Networking Summit 2019 on April 3rd. To get an understanding of what Lean NFV is about, download a copy of the white paper below. And if you agree with our vision, sign up below to join the movement and we’ll reach out to you.

 @ Open Networking Summit

April 3-5,San Jose,California

We hope you enjoyed the keynote presentation by Sylvia, Scott and Constantine. If you’re interested in the slides, the ONS will likely be posting those after the conference.

If you are attending ONS this year, please stop by the Lean NFV booth at #605 on the exhibition floor. There you’ll find more information and have a chance to view an example of a Lean NFV implementation courtesy of Nefeli Networks and Arista Networks.

Live at ONS 2019

Visit us at Booth #605 on the show floor while at ONS.

Download the Lean NFV white paper

All new technologies have growing pains, particularly those that promise revolutionary change, so the community has waited patiently for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions to mature. However, the foundational NFV white paper is now over six years old, yet the promise of NFV remains largely unfulfilled, so it is time for a frank reassessment of our past efforts. To that end, this document describes why our efforts have failed, and then describes a new approach called Lean NFV that gives VNF vendors, orchestration developers, and network operators a clear path forward towards a more interoperable and innovative future for NFV.

Lean NFV Signatories

The following individuals have signed onto the Lean NFV movement and are working collaboratively to help build out Lean NFV initiatives. If you are interested in joining us, please sign up below.


Sylvia Ratnasamy
Nefeli Networks and UC Berkeley

Scott Shenker
Nefeli Networks and UC Berkeley

Constantine Polychronopoulos


Ravi Srivatsav
Formerly NTT

James Feger

Nagesh Nandiraju

Krish Prabhu
Formerly AT&T

Uri Elzur

Mirko Voltolini

Christian Martin
Arista Networks

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lean NFV?

Lean NFV is an open architecture approach that gives VNF vendors, orchestration developers, and network operators a simpler way to approach and deploy NFV. It is designed to be minimally invasive and can integrate with existing NFV infrastructure platforms as well as ongoing orchestration initiatives.

Why Lean NFV?

It has been over six years since the publication of the foundational NFV white paper. However, the promise of NFV has still be unfulfilled. We believe that alternative approaches should be discussed and considered to help accelerate NFV adoption.

Who is Lean NFV?

Lean NFV is made up of industry veterans who have been closely involved with virtualization efforts in telco and cloud data centers. We are a collection of community members who have come together to help improve the success of NFV. The list of signatories appears in the Lean NFV white paper.

Still have questions? You can reach us at info@leannfv.org. Please give us a few business days to respond. Media inquiries please use pr@leannfv.org